Purple - LIQUIDyes Candle Dye

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Liquidyes oil soluble dyes are manufactured to the highest quality and differ from powder mixed liquids to give much improved colour suspension. Each standard bottle of liquidyes is supplied as a 15ml bottle with integrated dropper for easy use along with an appropriately colour coded child proof cap. 

Liquidyes coloured cap system acts as a visual reminded of the dye colour inside the bottle long after any drips or messy finger prints have defaced the label.  The base label colour is also designed to match the dye for added recognition.  

Liquidyes colours are also manufactured to a set formulation so you know that the colour pantone is exactly the same every time you order more.

Liquidyes is available in larger industrial sized quantities should you need more, just contact us.

One drop of Liquidyes will a create a pastel coloured candle, based on this, approximately one 15ml bottle will colour around 50kg worth of candle wax. If a darker colour is required then more drops can be added to create the shade you require.

Liquidyes is suitable for use in both paraffin and soya and natural wax, Lubricants, oil based products, adhesives, plastic and polymers.