Wax Melter with insert

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Making candles in the double pot method can be very time consuming and hot work standing over the kitchen stove for hours cooking wax. Our large wax melters are excellent investments that save you time and make it easier to produce larger candle batches.

Each wax melter is supplied with a lid and an inner pot - capable of melting between 9 - 10KG of wax.

Using the melter is simple,pour in your wax flakes into the pot, melt the wax and laidle into smaller jugs to mix in your oils. After using a few KGof wax  top up the pot, these wax flakes will quickly melt and you can carry on making candles.

Our Wax melters have also been successfully used by soap and balm manufacturers, if you need any further information please contact us.

(NOTE model supplied has temperature dial only)